Friday, September 4, 2009

It's a Permaculture garden.

My garden surrounds my 90 year old home that sits in an old suburb, within biking distance of center city and most of what I need. I follow an ingenious method called Permaculture that says “imitate natural ecosystems and get out of the way.” So I let the worms do the tilling, ponds store the water, bees pollinate my fruit trees, insects manage insects, soil feed the plant roots and death take away an errant experiment. I grow 3-dimensionally on fences, trellises and house walls. I miniaturize as in an apple espalier to pack plants into an urban setting. I connect a helpful plant to a needy one and use others to cool my home. I have fruit for all seasons except winter although then I enjoy what I’ve canned: spiced pears, honey soaked figs, blackberry jam and persimmon pudding. I freeze the surplus. My garden has been part of the local, small farm tour. You get the idea.

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